Majorca Holidays

All Inclusive Holidays to Majorca

Majorca holidays

The very climate of the place is so alluring that you will feel happy and contended during your stay here. Easily accessible from the major airports of the world, Mallorca or Majorca is no doubt popular with both the American and the British tourists all alike.

The capital city, Palma is rich in culture and history and thus has a lot to offer to the holiday makers. Buzzing with life, the place is extremely fashionable. You will see holiday makers putting on their best fashionable and designer clothes and making the place all the more colorful and vibrant. With almost 250 miles of the lovely sunbathed Mediterranean coast, most of them are family friendly providing an endless array of activities. The popular islands where the majority of the tourists folk visit are the mystical Menorca, Ibiza and the Balearic Island. The main bulk of the holidays resorts have flourished along the beaches which provide a panoramic view of the Mediterranean while at the same time boasting of the white sand and the crystal blue water.

Some of the best place to stay while on your Mallorca or Majorca holidays is Magalluf on the south west coast which houses the best of the holidays resorts like the Sol Guadalupe Hotel, Fiesta Jungla Aparthoteland Sol Antillas Barbadosto name some of the best ones.

Sol Antillas Barbados

Sol Antillas Barbados, besides having breath taking views, the amenities that the hotel provides are simply great. The staff is excellent and friendly and you will get personalized attention and all your needs will be taken care of. The hotel has a swimming pool and is a special attraction to the golf lovers as the PonienteGolf Course is only a short distance from the hotel.

Ca’s Curial

Ca’s Curial in Soller will simply provide a delightful experience in perfect harmony with nature. Located in the pristine Spanish countryside, the place is ideal for the elderly to relax and unwind. There are lemon trees and orange trees which give the place a lovely fresh yet aromatic feel. The hotel is excellent for rich traditions and the history of the place. The food that is served is exclusively Mediterranean and you will love every bit of it.

Can Furios Hotel

The other exotic place where you can stay is Can Furios Hotel that promises the perfect holidays- basking in the sun and soaking up the local traditions and culture of the place. Offering a five start comfort in the majestic sixteenth century villa, will be an experience to live life king size. With the twin Moorish towers, that have been perfectly restored, you will enjoy every moment of your stay here. Traditional yet with all the modern comforts you will have a memorable stay here. The prices range from €165 to €250 per night per person. The cuisine served in Sa Tafonetais a tempting Spanish, though you have the international flavors as well.

Finca Es Castell

While planning your stay in Caimari, Majorca, the best option that you can try is the Finca Es Castell which is a very special place that promises a comfortable stay. With a rustic charm and a touch of simply luxury you will get all the peace and tranquility that you need on this holiday. The ancient and exotic farm house patterned hotel has everything that you can think of. At the foothills of the mountains with breath taking natural scenery, you will be completely refreshed during your stay here.

Hotel Salvia

Hotel Salvia, Soller is a great place that will add a romantic touch to your holidays. Besides getting the best price, you will get a great service that will give you the perfect holiday. Great service and friendly staff yet you will get all the privacy that you need. A lovely old townhouse with patio and pool the entire environment is charming and indeed very welcoming. They also have an open air barbeque where you will get finger-licking Mediterranean food.

Gran Melia Victoria

Gran Melia Victoria in Majorca, Spain is another heavenly place to spend your holidays in. With great service and equally great ambience, you will surely have the best holidays of your life. Perfect for the family, the hotel has an indoor and outdoor pool where you can relax with your family. Situated opposite the Mariner, the place is excellent to take a stroll in the evenings down the Mariner. The hotel will help you in arranging some of the sightseeing trips that are so popular there.

Castillo Hotel Son Vida

The Castillo Hotel Son Vida, a Luxury Collection Hotel stand apart be it in terms of service or in terms of in terms of an exotic experience. Perfect with an old world charm and perfection you will have all the comfort that you can crave for. This is also a perfect place to have the golf holidays if you are an avid golf lover.

Hotel Isla Mallorca & Spa

Staying at the Hotel Isla Mallorca & Spa would however be the exotic experience and this would be your destination to rejuvenate and detoxify. The place offers the best of the spa facilities that will leave you completely refreshed. Melia Palas Atenea is another place that will make your holiday special. It a complete value for money while offering the best of the facilities.

Hotel Armadams

Last but not the least Hotel Armadams will offer you a quiet and peaceful stay making you want to come back again.

There are other popular accommodations around the east coast and the north of the island. Most of the places will make your experience exotic. There are also some beach front hotels and bars that will offer you fantastic food and lovely view to enjoy.